Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On a Scale of 1-10

An update.

I love it up here at OELS!
(Outdoor Education Lab School)

Even better, though
my lovely pups Jake and Fergi
are getting so much more comfortable
with me not being there all the time.

Jake has found a new distraction.
Looking at himself, his full-handsome self, in the new mirror.

(Doesn't that picture just make your heart melt?)

Miss Fergi has found herself chewing bones
and she loves her walks.

I am getting my confidence up too.

I have some little tokens of love, joy and encouragement up here.
(This is credited to Ami Kroon)

This is a drawing by Ami, which I received for my 18th birthday, back in November.

If my doggies can't be here, this lovely drawing reminds me of them.

I will share more tokens of joy with you later on.

Now I am laying in my bed, with all the girls fast asleep

(or at least that's what I'm hoping)

Goodnight (from behind my curtain!)

On a scale of 1-10

It's one million up here!!!

Much Love


  1. Hey! Moma just took that picture of me tonight! Did she send that to you? She didn't ask me!!! I was a very excited dog, finding that doggie looking back at me in that mirror. I stood and looked at him for a long time. Then, when I got tired, I lay down and watched him. It's all I have to do, since you aren't here.

    (Poor me.)

    I'm glad you are enjoying OELS. I just wish I could be there, too. You could call me "wildlife." Perhaps a Rocky Mountain Sheep. I am pretty wooly right now.

    We miss you, but it makes us happy that you are happy.

    Fergi sends her love. And it's true. She is chewing on some bones. I'm proud of her. Just like I'm proud of you.

    We LOVE you!
    Jake (and Fergs and Moma)

  2. My Mom and I are so honoured to know ALL of woo!

    Helping lost khanine souls to find themselves is just inkredible!

    Woo are special!


  3. Nina,

    We are so glad you are enjoying your life - that's what it's all about - and if you look close enough, there is joy in everything.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. That is so good that everyone is settling in and getting comfortable! It sounds like things are going very well for all of you!

  5. Dear Nina
    ...Im just popping by to say good luck with your new blog!'s nice that you are happy in the mountains. I am a follower of your mom's blog and it's lovely to finally see a picture of her...thank you!
    I want to also wish you well with the classical piano bit...don't ever stop! I have a beautiful K.Kawai grand piano in our house which is busy gathering dust...just haven't had the inspiration for a while now. It's hard to go back once you stop.
    Anyway, you have a great blog! Keep it up.
    With love

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....
    what a sweet sweet post just like you Nina!!!!!
    We're soooo happy you're enjoing your life....
    our hearts are melting watching Jake photo!!!!!!!
    Sooooooooooooooo sweet and funny in the same time...
    And Miss fergie is sooooooooooooooooo cute laying on her pink pillow.....
    We know they miss you sooooooooooooooo much and you miss them a lot!!!!!
    But the power of love is huge and your love for eachother is soooooooooooo big and marvellous that will be like you're join always even if you're far from them!!!!!
    their love will be for you the best medicine for the moments when you would feel alone!!!!!!!!
    And you have us of course!!!!!!!!
    We're here for you furever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAve a great great weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  7. That drawing IS the next best thing, we love Ami! Have fun with your campers!

  8. Well it is true..Once you see a REALLY handsome dog in that mirrow thing it is hard to stop looking..I should know..Archie wouldn't know HAHAHAHAH a little joke..Love A+A PS WE are glad that you are loving it up there!!!!!

  9. Hey Nina girl....How are you????
    We miss you and your post!!!!!
    Hope all is going great!!!!!
    We think to you everyday!!!!!!
    And we bet J&F are thinking of you too!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  10. Hello! We are so sorry it has taken us a while to get to you! We would rather be reading your blog and seeing pictures of Jake admiring his lovely face - but sadly some things need to be done. Looks like all is well in 'them thar hills' - Paddy loves the thought of all those trees to leave peemail on...

    Sally and Paddy