Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello New Opportunities

(From the OELS website)

Well, I am living the Life.

I am currently an intern up in the Mountains
for my whole last semester of high school.

Pretty much
I work with a new group of awesome sixth graders per week.

I take online classes
and am actually an employee of the school district.

I teach classes
Including Geology, Pioneer History, Astronomy and Wildlife.

I also do Wellness-Checks on the students in my cabin.
Due to these recent H1N1 scare,
the school district requires us (interns)
to take temperatures of each student in "my" cabin each morning.

I have my own little corner in the room.
It consists of a bed and a bathroom.
My bed has a curtain around it for privacy!

I mean,
Who doesn't love sleeping in a room full of 24 sixth grade girls without a curtain?

Oh yes
I do live up here for the semester.

Did I mention I get to go home on the weekends
(To visit the lovely Jake and Fergi)

It is time for bed.
I have a staff meeting in the morning!

I will post more later, with an update.(Another picture from the OELS website)