Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Work...

.. in progress! Come back soon. Hopefully, I'll have added more. 
Right now homework, practicing and two little dogs are demanding my attention.


  1. I see that that photo is of you scratching and tickling Miss Fergi. I expect that there will be one of ME soon?

    You special boy,

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
    I look forward to reading the tiny treasures you will share along the way. A banner will be forthcoming.. slowly.. but its coming.
    Your proud Auntie.. (pronounced like your last name.. not like an apple).

  3. WELCOME to the bloggieworld dear friends!!!!!!
    Sure your blog will be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
    can't wait to see your work in progress!!!!About your questions....
    Hi...I'm Simona..Paco & Milo's mommy...
    we didn't go everywhere with our 2 special boys....so we decided to see only the buildings or museum where dogs were allowed!!!!!!
    We lived for Paco & Milo and we couldn't leave them alone only to watch inanimate things!!!!
    So we have seen Louvre...Eiffel tour....and other things..only in the dogs prospective!!!!!!
    And the place where we stayed for our holiday were at 160 km far away from Paris....we were in ETRETAT...a very very beautiful town in Normandy!!!!
    do you want to go to Paris with your 2 lovely babies????
    Thanks for your coments...sure we'll visit you often!!!!
    HAve a wonderful week dear friends!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!