Sunday, June 20, 2010


What is golf? 
Golf is something my Gramma enjoys.
Golf is something that I watch because she likes it.
Golf is something that takes motivation and concentration.
Golf is unlike any other sport.

My Gramma is 86. She'll be 87 in September. 
She used to play golf all the time, but now that she's older,
she can't play anymore, so watching it, 
is the one thing that makes her happy.

Which makes me happy. 

Lots of love,
Nina :) 


  1. We think it's sweet that you care so much for your grandmother. We know that she loves the time she spends with you.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruiair

  2. We hear Moma say it a lot. "You are such a good girl." You always find the silver lining in everything. And you are so sensitive to the wants and wishes of those around you. Including us. Your Very Special Wires.

    We love you. Moma loves you. And the rest of your family loves you.
    Jake and Fergi (muwahh!)

  3. I sneaked over to see you while Mom is meant to be working! Haaa! That's such a lovely post Nina. Mom says' Grandma's are always very special,so hope you've been having a great time hanging out with her this summer.

    Mom comes from a golf mad family- one one side anyway! Mom has never played but spent many a looooong day, like you, watching her Dad play :)

    Wiry love and licks Eric xxxxxxx